Gabe’s Journal

The little midget is growing on me.  It is difficult to know what he understands about our world now. He unnerves me. His memory is so markedly alien that I cannot stand his presence but there are moments of blatant humanity that still catch me off guard. Things that make me momentarily forget what he is like I actually laughed at something he said earlier. I feel that I should not be surprised by that.

I took him up to the blacksmith today. Of course this was all at Tate’s insistence; it wouldn’t be natural for a woman not to manipulate these things. Anyways, I explained to him how our society functions and he seemed to pick right up on it. When I gave him a coin he called the pheonix a lie. That… thing! I nearly lost it. But… it wasn’t our beliefs he was labeling, I think, just the idea of the pheonix… as a myth? I don’t know how to feel about him anymore.

In many ways, he is as absent-minded as any of us can be. Spitting out the first thing that comes to mind without true regard for the consequences. But… he is so mature in many ways. Was that how he truly saw us? A Freudian slip? I am not even sure why I bother with this. What possible use have I to qualify his humanity?

They will come for him either way.

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