Interactive Internet?

Neuromancer throws the reader into the futuristic world of genetic re-engineering and cyberwarfare and forces adaptation to the new world while it sprints ahead at breakneck speed. Originally, I envisioned Case “jacking in” in the same manner as portrayed by the “Matrix” series. However, the voice-over explains that early usage required the “cranial jacks” (p. 51) but Case attempts to access the matrix simply by settling a “sweatband” (p. 52) upon his head. The most confusing event is Case’s attempt at Sammi’s. Case stood in front of the food stand and believed he could see the matrix if he closed his eyes; if that is true why do they need to have a physical connection to access it? The lack of a passage concretely explaining how the system works creates the difficult understanding of the process by the reader.

Similarly, this process of stealing information in this manner is much akin to the, at least my, understanding of how modern day hackers access information illicitly. My understanding of these techniques leaders to further confusion regarding the usefulness of individuals like Case at Screaming Fist. What was the military trying to steal through these methods? Furthermore, why did they need a joint militaristic offensive to coincide with the Mole XI? 

To date I do not believe the microsofts and their abilities have been definitively explained. The technology shows that Larry could perceive a that Molly had a “rider” but also that the counters in the room displayed “hundreds of slivers of microsoft” (p. 56).

From all of these cloudy explanations Neuromancer, to date, remains a perplexing novel that

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